2009 Pandemic H1N1 (swine flu) Testing

Legionella Testing
Persons suspected to be suffering with Legionnaireā€™s disease should be asked to submit the following specimens:
  • Urine for Legionella urinary antigen test
  • Respiratory specimen (bronchial wash, trans tracheal wash, bronchio alveolar lavage or sputum) for culture and direct fluorescent test
  • Blood for Legionella IgG/IgM test
  • Facilities water testing for Legionelle is also available

Respiratory specimens for culture isolation are preferred. Urine for Legionella Urinary antigen test should always be accompanied by blood for IgG/IgM test.

TB Testing Upgrades
New methodologies for automating detection and isolation of TB and other mycobacteria are being evaluated for implementation. This will allow for processing larger number of specimens with less labor and eliminate using radioactiveĀ materials that are part of current methodologies.

Chlamydia/Gonorrhea Testing
Nucleic acid application technology for enhanced sensitivity and specificity for chlamydia and gonorrhea diagnosis has been implemented. Urine specimens from male and female patients can be submitted for the diagnosis of chlamydia and gonorrheal infections.