The Office of the Medical Examiner investigates and determines cause and manner of death occuring in Westchester "due to unlawful act, criminal neglect, violence, casualties, or by sudden or unexplained circumstances." 

Notification of such deaths is usually made to the office by a police officer, physician or funeral director at the scene of death. Staff from the ME's office are available around the clock. Thus, notification should be made as soon as possible so a decision as to whether or not the case falls under the Medical Examiner's jurisdiction can be made quickly.

How extensive the investigation will be, depends on the circumstances of the death. Read the Guide to reporting deaths to the medical examiner for more information.

To obtain copy of the Medical Examiner's Report:
Please complete the following form and mail it to:

Department of Labs and Research
Office of the Medical Examiner
10 Dana Road
Valhalla, NY 10595

When the report has been completed (approximately 16 or more weeks), you will be notified of the fee required for obtaining a copy of the report.


To obtain an Amended Death Certificate:
When the cause of death includes "Pending Further Investigation", an Amended Certificate with final determination will be mailed to the Registrar of Vital Statistics in the town where the deceased died. This requires approximately 16 or more weeks for completion. Copies of Amended Certificates can be obtained ONLY from the Local Registrar not this office.

Contact the medical examiner: