One of the Department of Laboratories and Research's distinctions is to fulfill the medicolegal, criminalistic, public health, and environmental needs and requirements of Westchester County. This is accomplished through laboratory analyses and death investigation; and by conducting professional research in these areas.

Among the governmental organizations within the counties and New York State, Westchester's Department of Laboratories and Research remains unusual. The department represents a fusion between the Medical Examiner Office, and the associated laboratory functions of Toxicological and Forensic Science Services, with the County's Public Health Laboratories.

This arrangement groups nearly all county laboratories under one single administrative control, concentrating laboratory expertise and sophisticated instrumentation for the good of all sections. This permits an interchange of scientific knowledge, technology, and data. This arrangement works favorably toward the department's goal, which is fulfillment of the medicolegal and public health needs; and requirements of Westchester County through service and developmental research.