Mobile Laboratory VehicleAlong with the numerous in-house, state of the art laboratory technologies utilized for the analysis of forensic specimens, the Westchester County Forensic Laboratory can also provide Crime Scene Investigation services. 

With the acquisition of the laboratory's Mobile Laboratory Vehicle (MLV), the lab, when requested, can provide specialized crime scene investigation services. These services can augment the existing crime scene abilities of the requesting agency. 

Some of the specialty areas in which services can be provided are:

  • crime scene documentation
  • evidence collection
  • trace evidence analysis
  • bloodstain pattern analysis
  • biological evidence analysis
  • physical impression and footwear analysis
  • drug analysis
  • shooting trajectory reconstruction and analysis

By utilizing state of the art crime scene investigation technology, investigators can avail themselves of knowledge of the events occurring during the criminal activity. The reconstruction of these events, or simple event segments, may help provide investigators with a more comprehensive picture of the possible sequence of events surrounding a criminal act.