Westchester County Environmental Labs are state and nationally accredited for over 700 analytes.

General contact information:
Tel:   (914) 231-1620
Fax:  (914) 231-4458

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Unless otherwise specified:
multiple samples must arrive by 3:30pm
single samples must arrive by 3:45pm

Saturday & Sunday
(by appointment)

Please call client services for sample collection and submission inquiries.

Robert W. Hilbrandt Jr., RSO
Chief of Environmental Laboratory Services
Tel:       (914) 231-1768
E-mail:  rwh2@WestchesterCountyNY.gov

Jim Marshall
Program Coordinator, Client Services
Tel:       (914) 231-1771
E-mail:  jlm5@WestchesterCountyNY.gov

Michele Matos
QA/QC Officer
Tel:       (914) 231-1532
E-mail:  mck1@WestchesterCountyNY.gov