The use of the Web Prelog is limited to official use only and the link is no longer available online. If you need access to the Prelog system please call 914-231-4425 and leave a detailed message.

Prelog FAQ’s:

  1. I am on the last screen and I cannot see any selections for analysis type.
    • Make sure that you have selected a case type in the case info screen.
  2. Why does my Prelog sheet say Submission 2 (or 3 or 4) when this is my first and/or only submission?
    1. If you went to the submission page more than once, you must hit edit to see and add to your current submission.  Clicking “Add” makes a new submission.
    2. Someone else from your agency or task force has Prelogged evidence before you on the same case.
  3. I have multiple items on the same case that were collected at the same time from the same person.  Do I make each a separate submission, or put them on the same submission.
    • Put all of the items on the same submission.
  4. I have a bag with two items inside the sealed bag.  Do I put one item or two on the Prelog?
    • One item.  Each package is an item, not the items inside the package.  The lab will identify these upon examination.