We offer a number of testing packages for the private well owner. From a basic bacteriological analysis to a more comprehensive set of analyses.

These custom analyses packages are designed around the most common analytical requests received from clients. It should be noted however, that no amount of testing will guarantee the absolute safety of your drinking water. What is required, is a thorough understanding of the circumstances affecting your source water.

Both the EPA and CDC have an exceptional wealth of information on Drinking Water Quality information at their Web sites. 

Well Water Package A is based upon the recommendations of the New York State Department of Health and includes the following parameters:

Heterotrophic Plate Count Coliform, Presence/Absence Turbidity
Nitrites Nitrates pH
Alkalinity Hardness Manganese
Calcium Sodium Magnesium
Iron Lead

Well Water Package B is based upon the recommendations of the Westchester County Health Department and is modeled after the parameters required under Westchester County’s Well Law:

Heterotrophic Plate Count Coliform, Presence/Absence Volatile Organic Compounds
Lead – First Draw Lead - Flush pH
Nitrates Nitrites Chloride
Arsenic Iron Manganese

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The Health Department provides further information about a local law requiring the testing of private well-water systems upon the sale of property and for leased properties within the County of Westchester.