Photograph of an intern observing analysis

Internship Program and Shadow Experiences

The Westchester County Forensic Laboratory is pleased to announce that our Forensic Internship/Shadowing program has been restarted after a hiatus due to COVID-19. The goal of our program is to provide an introduction to forensic cases in a working laboratory, to students interested in pursuing a career in forensic science.

Our Internship Program is designed to meet the needs of college students in Forensic Science majors who require an internship as part of their core curriculum. Forensic Science students who do not require an internship and students majoring in related laboratory sciences will also be considered based on availability.

Our Shadow opportunity is a short-term experience designed for students at the High School level or above to spend time observing the analysis of physical evidence in the Forensic Biology (DNA), Trace Evidence, Forensic Chemistry, and Forensic Imaging sections of the Division of Forensic Science Services. High School students will only be offered the shadow experience option.

You will be required to submit an elimination buccal sample if you are accepted for an internship or a shadow experience. This is required for you to be able to observe analysts during the examination process and the DNA analysis of evidence. It is to ensure that a DNA profile obtained from the evidence is from the biological/trace material on the evidence and not from anyone present in the examination room or DNA laboratories. A profile from your buccal sample will be generated and this profile will be added to the laboratory’s staff database. Your profile will not be uploaded to any other databases or given to any outside agencies (law enforcement, district attorney’s office, etc.). Your profile will be marked for deletion 6 months after your last day here. You can be notified once the deletion has taken place upon request.

In addition, you will also be required to sign a Confidentiality & Conflict of Interest Policy Agreement.

If you have any questions regarding the buccal sample and/or the agreement, please send them along with your application.

College Students

Applicants must either attend a college/university within the Tri-State area or reside in NYS, and be in an undergraduate program. Westchester County residents will be considered before non-Westchester County residents. In general, students must be enrolled in school during the term of the internship, should be in at least their Junior year when applying, and must be in good academic standing in a Forensic Science program or a closely related laboratory sciences program.

The Forensic laboratory distributes applications for internships to college students twice each year to be considered for winter intersession and summer breaks.  If you are interested in an internship, you may contact us via email at  We will honor requests to apply for winter intersession internships starting September 1st each year.  We will honor requests to apply for summer internships starting March 1st each year.  Due to the volume of submitted applications, the request timeframe will vary.  If you have any further questions or require additional information regarding the internship program, you may contact us at  and your email will be answered as soon as possible.

There are two terms in which you can carry out your internship: winter intersession, and the summer.
As an intern, you may observe the analysis of physical evidence in the following areas:
• Forensic Biology (DNA)
• Trace Evidence
• Forensic Chemistry
• Forensic Imaging

Research projects in these areas are not guaranteed. If a hands-on project is desired, please indicate that in your interest email.

High School Students

School advisors may contact the laboratory at if there are any questions or if additional information is required regarding the shadow experience.


The Division of Forensic Science Services offers tours of the county's Forensic laboratory. These tours are typically offered to area colleges and Westchester County high schools. Please be aware that due to staffing and casework responsibilities, the laboratory must limit the number of tours and the number of individuals on each tour.  

To start the process of requesting a tour, email Please include the following in your email: preferred date(s) and time(s), your institution name and address, the total amount of individuals you are requesting to attend the tour, and the mode of transportation (for parking needs). A coordinator will respond to your request.